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What is life time of the CMA files?

CMA System is the only endodontic sequence preventing the instrument fatigue. Once you can see a deformation visible to the naked eye, then you have to throw the instrument; if the instruments is in perfect condition, then you can sterilize it. So the number of utilizations depends of the difficulty of the canals worked with CMA System and not about a quantity of treatments, which is logical.

Which is the sterilization method advised for CMA files?

Use the autoclave at 134° during 18 minutes.

What are the precise torque and speed for each tool?

For all instruments, the advised torque is 2N/cm. You can adapt the speed for treatment: 300 to 400 rpm and for retreatment: 400 to 600 rpm.

What filling system of the canals is recommended after canal preparation with CMA?

All the endodontic filling system can be used after the preparation with CMA sequence.

What I can do in case of retreatment of canals filled by resin cements?

In these cases, before beginning the retreatment, it is necessary to use solvents which help to soften the agents of canals fillings (follow the instructions for use of the manufacturers of solvents).

Which GP points I need to use after preparing the canal with Apical 3 and 4?

It is necessary to use GP points with 6 % taper, ISO 30 for Apical 3 and ISO 40 for Apical 4.

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