• The use of CMA instruments with an ENDO motor with the “auto reverse” function is advised.
• NiTi rotary instruments must be used in a portion of the canal which has been explored and prepared previously using a No. 15 manual and/or Presequence file.
Examine the instruments before and after each use. Discard the tool if there is the slightest deformation.
Time: 5 or 10 seconds per rotary instrument.
Movement: progression towards the apex by continuous short and rapid up-and-down strokes, finishing off with a “brushing” movement on the root canal walls.
• The NiTi rotary instrument must never be forced.
Clean the blades of the instrument after each removal.
• The canal must be copiously irrigated with sodium hypochlorite each time the instrument has been introduced.
• The use of a chelating gel is advised in order to facilitate work with the tools.
• If progression with the A1 instrument is hindered, use the K 15 file again. If progression with the A2 instrument is hindered, use the A1 instrument again.

Additional recommendations for retreatment

• NiTi rotary instruments remove materials which can be softened with solvents. They cannot be used to remove insoluble resin paste.
• As the tool moves further towards the apex, use less solvent and irrigate more liberally.